Our 2021 Weekly Nets Begin 1/6/21

Welcome to our first net of 2021!

This Wednesday will be Randy’s (W5WXY) first time in rotation as Net Control. His approach will be very lighthearted, with a goal to increase participation while learning more about each other and our White Rock area. Also, we are hoping this will result in a record number of members checking in for this first net of 2021. Typically, we have only about 1/3 of our 30 members participating.

Here’s the plan. After check-ins, the program portion will revolve around each person briefly discussing something in our area that they find to be very

  • Unique or
  • Exemplary or
  • Little known or
  • Simply, a favorite

It can be about a business, park, building, tree, view, ANYTHING. Here’s the format and how it will unfold for us White Rock Lake Hams:

  • W What was selected
  • R Why selected
  • L Location—directions starting from the intersection of Buckner and Garland Road.
  • H Helpful

So, have an item ready to present, and better have a spare, in case someone beats you to it. It’s show and tell, without the “show!”

Join us for a fun and interesting net, Wednesday January 6, at 7 PM on 147.52 MHz, “White Rock Simplex.”

From the National Weather Service: Weather-Ready Nation News for Winter 2020/2021

Winter Weather Tools from the Weather Prediction Center 
The Weather Prediction Center (WPC) has two winter weather tools that you can explore in more detail this winter.

The first is the Winter Storm Severity Index (WSSI), which displays the severity of potential societal impacts from an approaching or ongoing winter storm event for the next three days. WSSI is based on the official NWS forecast, so it helps translate the forecast into an impacts framework. The components of WSSI include snow amount, snow load, ice accumulation, flash freeze, blowing snow, and ground blizzard, or a combination of all six to show overall impact. For more information you can visit this ArcGIS Story Map, or review the User’s Guide

The other tool is the experimental Winter Storm Outlook (WSO), which provides the chance of exceeding local Winter Storm Warning criteria for snow or ice accumulation over the next four days. Therefore, the WSO is meant to provide an early heads up for the potential of a significant winter storm. Both the WSO and WSSI web pages have dynamic maps that allow you to easily zoom, pan, change basemaps, and toggle on/off geographic layers. 

Club News for December 8, 2020

  • Good news! The club was just recognized by Texas as a Nonprofit Corporation. We can now set up a checking account and begin to build up a kitty for future club projects. Many thanks to Paul, W5PCA, for submitting the documentation on behalf of the club.
  • Speaking of Paul, his lake area Winlink gateway server W5PCA-10 has just been added to the statewide Winlink server list http://n5tw.ecpi.com/rmsstatus/
  • Join us on our next simplex net, Wednesday December 9 at 7 PM on 147.52 MHz. David, KG5VSR, will be our net control.

Virtual Club Meeting Wednesday December 2, 2020

The club will hold its quarterly meeting this Wednesday Dec 2 at 7 PM. Since Dallas County COVID restrictions are still in force, the club will instead meet virtually using Google Meet. Each club member will receive an invite via groups.io.

There will be a quick check-in on 147.52 MHz simplex for those folks that can’t make the meeting, and for any non members wishing to check in.

Net November 18 and Other News

Join us for our Wednesday net at 7 PM on 147.52 MHz, “White Rock Simplex.” Tony NT5TM will be our Net Control.

Welcome to our newest member, Pete, N5KD, who comes to us from the Flagpole Hill neighborhood. Pete’s location is a great addition toward our goal of covering the entire lake area with handy-talkie coverage. Pete does most of his hamming on CW, but we are happy to have him check in with us on Wednesdays!

Many thanks to Randy, W5WXY, who served as Net Control last week. Randy enjoyed the experience so much that he has joined our merry cast of Net Control stations.

Note: We will not hold a net next week, Thanksgiving eve. The following Wednesday, December 2, we will hold our quarterly virtual meeting using Google Meets. Members will receive an invite via our groups.io system.

Simplex Net November 11

Tomorrow Nov 11 is our weekly simplex net on 147.52 MHz. We invite you to join us for checkins at 7 PM. Only have a handle-talkie? No problem! We now have high powered stations all the way around the lake area that can hear you and check you in.

Also, pencil in Wednesday December 2 for our quarterly virtual club meeting using Google Meet. Each member will receive an invitation via his or her groups.io account. Our last meeting was fun and let’s continue the action.

Hope to hear you on the air Wednesday!

Simplex Net Wed Oct 21 at 7 PM

It’s Wednesday again and time for our weekly simplex net on 147.52 MHz. We invite you to join us for checkins at 7 PM. Only have a handle-talkie? No problem! We now have high powered stations all the way around the lake area that can hear you and check you in. Let us know you’re there!

Great Texas ShakeOut October 15

Every year, a worldwide earthquake drill called the Great ShakeOut is held in October. While earthquakes in Texas are pretty rare, it’s always good to know what to do if the earth begins to move! The 2020 Great Texas ShakeOut will be held tomorrow Oct 15 at 10:15 AM CDT, and we will open a quick net for check-ins. If you can join us for a short net session, please do!

Amateur Radio provides a valuable service to our friends, neighbors and our community after disasters. Our participation in drills and exercises like the ShakeOut increases our visibility to the public and to our served agencies.

Read more about the Great Texas ShakeOut

Weekly Simplex Net October 14

Join us tonight at 7 PM for our weekly net on “White Rock Simplex” 147.52 MHz. We want to hear from you! What Internet resources do you use to learn more about ham radio? Can you share a site we’ve not heard of? Are there YouTube channels we ought to know about? Check in and find out!

Club to Meet Virtually Wed Sept 30

This month marks the one year anniversary of our group. Last September, we held our first informal lunch at Verona’s Restaurant on Garland Road, with six hams in attendance. We now have twenty nine folks representing twelve lake area neighborhoods on our roster!

So, it is fitting that we hold our first virtual quarterly business meeting this month. After a short check in on 147.54 MHz simplex at 7 PM, we will commence our meeting via Google Meet. Members will receive a copy of the agenda and a Google Meet invitation via an email from our groups.io system.