Our Lakeside Site for the 3/21 Net

T+P Hill at White Rock Lake

This was our net control site at T&P Hill last evening. Great weather and participation from locations all around the lake!

Equipment: Yaesu FT-100 all band transceiver, Bioenno 30Ah lithium iron phosphate battery in an Impulse Electronics case, Buddipole tripod and a dual band j-pole.

Nets Continue Each Wednesday at 7 PM

Nets continue each Wednesday at 7 PM on “White Rock Simplex,” 147.52 MHz. Net control duties rotate among several members from various Lake area neighborhoods, assuring that even a ham with just a handie-talkie will be able to check in and participate. Typically we have about a dozen check-ins.

We invite all area hams to join us on our lively net each week.

Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador News: Spring 2021

The WRLARC is an Ambassador in the “Weather-Ready Nation” program sponsored by the National Weather Service. Here are highlights from the NWS North Texas Spring 2021 Newsletter.

You could reasonably argue that North and Central Texas (and really the entire state of Texas) squeezed in 3 months of winter into just the last few weeks in February. And what a record-breaking winter we had. Here is a look at the most notable winter weather event in the 2020-2021 winter season by the numbers:

Click here to see a complete list of the snowfall reports we received for the 2/14-2/15 Winter Event. Click here to see a complete list of the snowfall reports we received for the 2/16-2/17 Winter Event. 

Here is a look at the climate stats and new records for DFW Airport and Waco Regional Airport during this period. 

This event also tied the 7th longest streak, set in January 1942, with temperatures at or below 32 degrees at DFW Airport with 139 consecutive hours spanning from the afternoon of Saturday, February 13, 2021 until Friday, February 19, 2021. That is just short of 6 days!  DFW Airport was above freezing briefly on Saturday from 3-4pm with an additional 93 consecutive hours of at or below freezing temperatures before that. The all time record is 295 consecutive hours set in 1983. 

Read more about this historic winter storm and arctic outbreak here!

Looking Ahead: The 2021 Spring Seasonal Outlook

While many of us are still shaking off the chill of winter, it is time to begin looking ahead to spring. The Spring 2021 (March, April, May) outlook favors above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation

The three-month outlook on temperature and precipitation probability from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center for March through May 2021. (Source: https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/

Additionally, the official ENSO forecast from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center indicates that La Niña conditions are favored to persist through the spring months. With a La Niña climate pattern in place, southern parts of the U.S. (including the State of Texas) may experience expanded and intensifying drought

Severe Weather Potential This Spring?

A question we are often asked this time of year is related to how “bad” or how much severe weather we can expect across North and Central Texas this spring. With respect to the climatology of this region, we see a peak in thunderstorms including severe thunderstorms during the spring months, March-April-May. Here is a look at the probabilities that severe weather will occur during the spring months from the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) estimated from a 30-year period of severe weather reports from 1982-2011. 

As expected, the higher probabilities are generally found across the Central and Southern Plains including North and Central Texas during the spring months. This in no way guarantees that severe weather will occur, but it is during this time of the year that we often experience the conditions that are favorable for the development of thunderstorms and severe weather. The best way to ensure you are always prepared is to develop a plan, make sure you have multiple ways to receive weather alerts, and stay up to date with your local weather forecast. Time for a shameless plug: Visit www.weather/gov/fwd to keep up with the latest forecast updates for your area! 

WRLARC News January 25. 2021

– Join us for our weekly simplex net on 147.52 MHz this Wednesday January 27 at 8 PM. 
– Welcome to our newest member, Gary, AF5XZ. This expands our roster to 34 members in 16 lake area and east Dallas neighborhoods.
– Our next quarterly virtual club meeting will be Wednesday February 10 at 8 PM. We will again use Google Meet, an easy web based conferencing tool.
– All ARRL members are invited to attend a virtual ARRL North Texas Town Hall meeting via Zoom Tuesday Jan 26 at 8 PM. Here’s info on the meeting.
– Finally, Winter Field Day is this weekend, January 30-31. While we can’t host club activities yet due to COVID restrictions, it’s still a great time to test out your go-bag radio and antenna in the backyard.

Our 2021 Weekly Nets Begin 1/6/21

Welcome to our first net of 2021!

This Wednesday will be Randy’s (W5WXY) first time in rotation as Net Control. His approach will be very lighthearted, with a goal to increase participation while learning more about each other and our White Rock area. Also, we are hoping this will result in a record number of members checking in for this first net of 2021. Typically, we have only about 1/3 of our 30 members participating.

Here’s the plan. After check-ins, the program portion will revolve around each person briefly discussing something in our area that they find to be very

  • Unique or
  • Exemplary or
  • Little known or
  • Simply, a favorite

It can be about a business, park, building, tree, view, ANYTHING. Here’s the format and how it will unfold for us White Rock Lake Hams:

  • W What was selected
  • R Why selected
  • L Location—directions starting from the intersection of Buckner and Garland Road.
  • H Helpful

So, have an item ready to present, and better have a spare, in case someone beats you to it. It’s show and tell, without the “show!”

Join us for a fun and interesting net, Wednesday January 6, at 7 PM on 147.52 MHz, “White Rock Simplex.”

From the National Weather Service: Weather-Ready Nation News for Winter 2020/2021

Winter Weather Tools from the Weather Prediction Center 
The Weather Prediction Center (WPC) has two winter weather tools that you can explore in more detail this winter.

The first is the Winter Storm Severity Index (WSSI), which displays the severity of potential societal impacts from an approaching or ongoing winter storm event for the next three days. WSSI is based on the official NWS forecast, so it helps translate the forecast into an impacts framework. The components of WSSI include snow amount, snow load, ice accumulation, flash freeze, blowing snow, and ground blizzard, or a combination of all six to show overall impact. For more information you can visit this ArcGIS Story Map, or review the User’s Guide

The other tool is the experimental Winter Storm Outlook (WSO), which provides the chance of exceeding local Winter Storm Warning criteria for snow or ice accumulation over the next four days. Therefore, the WSO is meant to provide an early heads up for the potential of a significant winter storm. Both the WSO and WSSI web pages have dynamic maps that allow you to easily zoom, pan, change basemaps, and toggle on/off geographic layers. 

Club News for December 8, 2020

  • Good news! The club was just recognized by Texas as a Nonprofit Corporation. We can now set up a checking account and begin to build up a kitty for future club projects. Many thanks to Paul, W5PCA, for submitting the documentation on behalf of the club.
  • Speaking of Paul, his lake area Winlink gateway server W5PCA-10 has just been added to the statewide Winlink server list http://n5tw.ecpi.com/rmsstatus/
  • Join us on our next simplex net, Wednesday December 9 at 7 PM on 147.52 MHz. David, KG5VSR, will be our net control.

Virtual Club Meeting Wednesday December 2, 2020

The club will hold its quarterly meeting this Wednesday Dec 2 at 7 PM. Since Dallas County COVID restrictions are still in force, the club will instead meet virtually using Google Meet. Each club member will receive an invite via groups.io.

There will be a quick check-in on 147.52 MHz simplex for those folks that can’t make the meeting, and for any non members wishing to check in.