Rocky the Radio Fox is loose!

UPDATE : 1130 AM Sunday. Rocky lost his marbles (EPROM failure) so is off the air. Dave will let us know if he can resuscitate him

Rocky the Radio Fox is hanging out at White Rock Lake this weekend, courtesy of Dave, K5YR. Rocky is located within one mile of the shoreline in a public space (not on private property).

Rocky’s frequency is 146.565 MHz FM. He transmits once every 60 seconds between 8 AM and 8 PM on Saturday 7/30 and Sunday 7/31. 

When you find Rocky, follow the QR code next to the transmitter and log your find in the database using the 6 digit “Hunt Code” found on the card near Rocky. If you can’t do QR codes, use the web address on the card near Rocky’s location to log into the database.

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