Virtual Club Meeting Wednesday November 16

The WRLARC will hold its 4th quarter meeting virtually this Wednesday Nov 16 at 7 PM. This is an important meeting since we will hold elections for club office.

We are lucky to have a great slate of candidates that have volunteered to serve next year. We will open the floor for other nominations; if there are none, we can accept the nominations and then move on for another of our great round table discussions.

We’ll use Jitsi again as it has worked well for our past meetings. You can use your computer, iPad, tablet, cell phone, or even a landline.  For example, you can use a computer which doesn’t have a camera or microphone but allows you to see the video, and use your landline for the audio (special phone numbers and ID number are provided below).

When using your computer browser, there are only 4 things to do:

1. Click on (or copy and paste) this link:

2. IMPORTANT: when prompted, click “ALLOW” to use your microphone and camera.

3. Type in your name & call sign.

4.  click on the “X” in the upper right corner of the box to remove it from asking you to install an extension (if you are using Chrome). 

When using your phone (or cell phone to avoid using data) to join the meeting and be able to listen and talk (without video): Dial (512) 647-1431 You also have to enter the following ID (including the pound sign): 4210548946#

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