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White Rock Lake Fox Hunt, June 3 & 4

Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha, those White Rock Lake radio foxes, will be released again on June 3 at 9 AM. They will be running on the loose until 5 PM on June 4th.

These fox hunts are always held in the White Rock Lake area, on pubic land and within a mile of the lake. Rocky transmits on 146.565 MHz FM, and a very low powered Bullwinkle is close by on 146.545 MHz. Boris is also close by on 146.580 MHz. Natasha is a UHF fox transmitter operating on 446.100 MHz. Many club members are able to hear Rocky at their home QTH, so hunt for Rocky first, then for Bullwinkle and lastly for Boris. Natasha may or may not be hearable from the locations of the other three foxes.

Listen for a distinctive set of warbling tones followed by a CW ID. Each transmission is about 20 seconds long and repeats each minute.

Radio fox hunts are scheduled at the lake on the first and third Saturday of each month.

Many thanks to Dave, K5YR, and David, KG5VSR, for hosting these fun events on behalf of the club for area hams to enjoy and to practice radio direction finding skills.

For more info, check out Rocky’s web site,

“Wires in the Park” Spring Event March 25

NOTE: date changed from March 18 to March 25 due to COLD weather!

Dave K5YR has created an innovative concept called “Wires in the Park” and is hosting our third WRLARC event at Dreyfuss Point at White Rock Lake on Saturday March 25, 2023.

Prior WITP held at White Rock Lake and the Spring Creek Forest Preserve were a lot of fun and this one could be even better. Activities will include a demonstration of simple antenna techniques, QSOs with other clubs in the North Texas area, a demonstration of Radio Fox Hunting and more.

For a full list of activities, visit the Wires in the Park website, 

Our 2021 Weekly Nets Begin 1/6/21

Welcome to our first net of 2021!

This Wednesday will be Randy’s (W5WXY) first time in rotation as Net Control. His approach will be very lighthearted, with a goal to increase participation while learning more about each other and our White Rock area. Also, we are hoping this will result in a record number of members checking in for this first net of 2021. Typically, we have only about 1/3 of our 30 members participating.

Here’s the plan. After check-ins, the program portion will revolve around each person briefly discussing something in our area that they find to be very

  • Unique or
  • Exemplary or
  • Little known or
  • Simply, a favorite

It can be about a business, park, building, tree, view, ANYTHING. Here’s the format and how it will unfold for us White Rock Lake Hams:

  • W What was selected
  • R Why selected
  • L Location—directions starting from the intersection of Buckner and Garland Road.
  • H Helpful

So, have an item ready to present, and better have a spare, in case someone beats you to it. It’s show and tell, without the “show!”

Join us for a fun and interesting net, Wednesday January 6, at 7 PM on 147.52 MHz, “White Rock Simplex.”