Getting A Ham License


Amateur “Ham” Radio is a fun hobby that is also a public service. 

The morse code requirement is long gone, and there are dozens of facets to the hobby. You don’t need big antennas or a big budget, either!

This page is for prospective hams.  We invite you to learn more and join this fascinating hobby that is both a lot of fun and a service to your neighborhood.

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Ready to join us on the air?

It’s not that hard! You just have to pass a 35 question multiple choice test, and there are plenty of books and websites to help you get started. Again, there is no Morse Code requirement! The White Rock Hams group will be happy to help you get ready to take the test.

Many folks self-study, but you can attend a class conducted by a local ham group.

Here are a few resources to get you started.

Ready to take the Test?

Local radio clubs sponsor licensing exam sessions several times a month in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, including Dallas, Mesquite and Garland. The website below lists exam locations, dates and times. Be sure to contact the site coordinator for the location you choose before you head on over. Also note the cost for the exam (typically less than $15), and the personal identification you need to bring. Good luck!