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Winter Field Day 2023!

The weather was great and the radio band conditions were good too! During five hours of operating, members made 100 radio contacts across the country and even stretched a signal across the Pacific Ocean.

Many thanks to Dave K5YR and David KG5VSR for co-chairing this event, to the many members that helped set up and take down, and to everyone that stopped by.

A Successful First Meeting

White Rock Hams held their first lunch meeting on Wednesday September 18, 2019 at Verona’s Italian Restaurant on Garland Road. In attendance were:

  • Rich, N5CSU (organizer)
  • Randy, W5WXY
  • Robinson, KG5UVN
  • Patrick, KM5L
  • Jon, KF5LXP
  • Gus, W5GUS

Lake area neighborhoods represented at the meeting included Forest Hills, Little Forest Hills, Lakewood, Casa Linda Forest and Casa Linda. Ham radio experience ranged from brand new ham to 50+ years as an amateur.

In addition to those present, seven additional hams had expressed interest in the group but were not able to attend.

We began with introductions all around, then discussed and agreed with the draft mission and goals.

We all agreed that anyone interested in ham radio should be invited to participate, and that we could serve as mentors to new and prospective hams.

We spent the rest of the hour talking about possible fun projects and how to involve more folks in the group.

We discussed future meetings; for now, we will stick with every other Wednesday. Our next lunch meeting will be Wednesday October 2 at 1130 at Verona’s. We may rotate to other area restaurants as time goes on.

We will also plan an early evening meeting soon to accommodate those that cannot attend a lunch meeting.

We all agreed that this had been a great first meeting and wanted to see this continue and grow!